Thursday, November 29, 2012

So where am I on my top goals so far?

2. Get down to a size 8 and keep it - working on it, slow going though since I have that lovely 'over 40' female metabolism. Doing my own version of the Jorge Cruise over40 diet.

8. Knit sweaters for DH and for DD - Need to figure out what to knit… will have to chat with DH & DD about this!

11. Learn to play/sing 12 new songs on my guitar - not moving, probably would help if I picked some songs first

16. Complete house declutter - VERY slow going. I made a list of items to freecycle, and I've got the upstairs hallway lined up with DD's old clothes that need to get sorted/dispositioned. So some progress but slow.

31. Gather recipes to create a 'go to' list - started gathering recipes, should get a binder to put them in, right?

13. Learn to speak and read Portuguese- um, probably should go find something I can work on while in my daily commute

36. Learn to play poker - need to corner my friend J to teach me!

20. Reconnect with at least 5 old friends - will use Xmas cards to start this process. Will be seeing one old friend this weekend!

So - some progress but VERY slow. I'll try and stop here once in a while to do the 'plan' and 'check' parts from the plan-do-check-act cycle (yeah that's the quality engineer in my coming out, LOL!)